Academic Accreditation

By becoming a member of PANAFRICANBOCS, your institute is entitled to receive a number of benefits that would promote your institution internationally. PANAFRICANBOCS provides leading expertise in ensuring quality assurance and innovation in business schools and institutions. PANAFRICANBOCS provides consultation and assistance in the development and advancement of quality education. Colleges in the Gulf achieve accreditation when it complies with the set criteria, policy and procedures standardized by PANAFRICANBOCS for colleges. All colleges seeking accreditation from PANAFRICANBOCS must be established in Gulf countries and must demonstrate continuous improvement in imparting knowledge and education. PANAFRICANBOCS will evaluate colleges through the overall performance of its academic programs and the standard of quality of services and facilities provided to its students. By achieving an accreditation license by PANAFRICANBOCS, colleges in the Gulf acquire assurance of its international standard of quality education and provide proof of its being capable of leading the way in innovation and incorporating emerging technologies in imparting of education.


PANAFRICANBOCS helps ensure universities impart international standard of education that runs parallel to its QA model.

Accreditation for Business

PANAFRICANBOCS acknowledges the importance of student enrollment rate for an institution. Getting a status of accreditation from PANAFRICANBOCS will help the institutes to establish their credibility in the world of education.

Collaboration & Networking Opportunity

PANAFRICANBOCS through its wide network of member institutions around the world, facilitates collaborations and partnerships among its accredited academic institutions.

Assurance of International Standards

Institutions acquiring accrediation license provides assurance of its education based on international standard of excellence.