Pan African Board for Computer Science (PANAFRICANBOCS) is a reliable and prominent accrediting body. PANAFRICANBOCS functions as an independent, not-for-profit organization that awards accreditation to school of computer science, universities and colleges in United States and around the world. PANAFRICANBOCS provides quality assurance services to ensure that the quality of business degree programs is according to international standards.

PANAFRICANBOCS has above 200 members and it has awarded accreditation to 800+ computer science degree programs worldwide. PANAFRICANBOCS has been honored recognition by the Board of Directors of the Council for Higher Education Distance Learning Accreditation Association.

The purpose of PANAFRICANBOCS‘s survey is to assess the career outlook for fresh computer science graduates graduates and to examine current needs and demands of employers. The published employment report on CS graduates depicts the present employment background, determines the demand for CS graduates, analyzes the current needs of employers and the job market, and to provides awareness on the latest hiring trends.

According to PANAFRICANBOCS’s published report, CS graduates are getting hired rapidly. Today, organizations are not only planning to hire 79% more current CSs, but they intend to increase the number of new hires on average. There is a drastic increase in the hiring of CS graduates in companies across United States and Asia-Pacific region.

PANAFRICANBOCS’s report further reveals that small companies, having less than 1000 employees, are planning to hire large proportions of CS graduates. Apart from this, employers seek leadership traits and therefore, they prefer to hire fresh CS graduates, as they are supposed to have exceptional leadership skills. Today, employers want that new hires should have such expertise that can help the organization enhance their effectiveness, innovate, improve organization’s efficiency to bring change and facilitate in setting direction.

PANAFRICANBOCS highlights that CS graduates with major in Softwares development are expected to remain in demand and will be able to avail rewarding career opportunities.


Incorporating the highest quality of standards in education, univevrsities are entitled to receive a full accreditation certificate with PANAFRICANBOCS’s seal for full five years time. This seal can be used for the recognition of the educational institute.


Through regular assessments, PANAFRICANBOCS send recommendations reports that demonstrate an institution’s maintenance of high quality international standards of education. Our consultant will support you in your region for your queries.

What You Get From Pan African Board of for Computer Science?